For those who are vain, for those who dare, for those who like to make a statement.


Sweet’n’Twisted brings you a new kind of Baroque. 
Inspiring decadence with our statement headpieces, and iconic accessories.

Each design is handcrafted, combining a variety of materials and techniques, with skilful precision. 
Motivated by beauty, we transfer our vision into every bespoke item we make.

Limited editions and one-of-a-kind only.
For dressing up, or standing out.
Let yourself dare.

Italian designer, Clarice Serra, created her first series of headpieces in 2013, with the desire to present fascinating and unique pieces purely for body adornment.

"Sweet 'n' Twisted is where fantasy comes to life, it is my own way to bring beauty to this world".

Clarice grew up on the rolling hills of Tuscany, in the countryside,  where often distraction came from a book. Her love for being transported away in stories is translated into her designs. Her deep passion for ornaments and excess, comes from the many hours spent in churches as a child, as well as the striking historical and artistic surroundings of Tuscany.

A curious mind, always feeling like the world had more to offer, Clarice decided to move to London when she was 19, to study, to discover. Here she found the multiculturality that Italy lacked, a new universe of stories and people from all over the globe. She trained in Surface Textile(LCF) and went on exploring the fashion and costume world.

Her work is characterised by exuberance, impeccable details and the combination of different materials and techniques. Mixing traditional millinery methods with a flair for the dramatic, to create daring results.

"It is about making a personal statement. Because everybody ought to display their beautiful singularity."