Twinz - showgirl headdress for J'adore la Vie cabaret duo

Fitted PVC hood - for Ami Benton

HALO headdress  - for CRUCIFIX multiskill act by Janet Mayer

Laurel Crown - graduation crown

VOGUE- Black pvc hat with satin bow, for LA FEMME MYSTIQUE multi skill act by Ami Benton

Showgirl headdresses for J'Adore la Vie cabaret duo.

Peacock Cocktail hat- wedding commission for the sister of the groom

TUTTI FRUTTI - headbands for Arabeschi di Latte Ltd event in Italy


Masks for "The Hairy Ape" by Eugene O' Neil- Old Vic theatre 


Costume Director and Wardrobe Supervisor  ADCAN awards video – Superact Advert by Eduard Vijuilie 

Hats - Frances Rose Knee graduation collection


King mermaid crown       

 Belly dancer skirt          

Kephri headdress       

Costume Props Designer " Obligate Symbiosis" short film


Dragonfly Headdress - Costume Director for “The Radical Dandy Animal intelligentsia salon “ performance at Wilderness Festival 2013 by THE SALON:COLLECTIVE- theatre and event production company